Local Lesbian brutally attacked

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April 24, 2010 by Lain

A 31 year old Edmonton woman was brutally beaten late last saturday night while walking home with a friend.

Shannon Barry told police that a group of young men approached them and struck up a conversation. The men became angry after being told that the ladies weren’t  interested because they were gay. The incident escelated to homophobic slurs and became violent as one of the women was struck to the ground and viciously kicked. Barry suffered a broken jaw and another broken bone near the eye socket.

A 14 year old suspect has been arrested. Edmonton Police are not calling the attack a hate crime, claiming that the incident was random. Barry, however, does not agree.

“Obviously the incident was random, but that doesn’t change the fact that they called me a faggot and kicked me in the face,” said Barry.

“Maybe I don’t understand how to define hate crimes, but to me that speaks loud and clear.

Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act prohibits the release of the suspect’s name.

source; CTV.ca


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