Edmonton’s Beltaine Faire 2011


May 5, 2011 by Lain

Royal Wedding? Federal Election? Osama bin Laden?  Didn’t notice…

Here in Edmonton, we were at the Beltaine Faire!

Edmonton Beltaine Faire

Edmonton’s 3rd annual Beltaine Faire  , held again at Ritchie Hall, was a great success despite threatening skies.

This year visitors were treated to a Maypole, Medieval re-enactments,, Shamanic drummers, a Wiccan Wedding, and more.

Nomadic Tapestry Middle Eastern Dance company provided  high energy entertainment, and free belly-dance lessons afterwards.

Patti Lawrence, of Edmonton’s Shaman’s Journey Drumming Circle led the hypnotic, trance-inducing drum circle, always a favourite at Pagan events.

The Knights of the Northern Realm were  on hand to wow audiences, and provide the “Battle for the honour of the May Queen”.

But for most, the highlight of the day was the beautiful wedding ceremony. Many thanks to Alan and Crystal Diehl for sharing their special day with us!

This year’s festivities marks the last for founder and organizer Ali Ravenwood of the Congregationalist Wiccan Assembly of Alberta. Ali has chosen to step down and incorporate the Beltaine Faire as a non- profit organization, in the hands of the community,  so she can focus her energy on a new vision of advocacy and education.

“There are so many generous people willing to share their talents that my organizing services are no longer required. Instead, I now want to focus more on advocating for Pagan and Wiccan rights, public relations, education and raising awareness.”

Stay tuned for an upcoming article on Ali’s “retirement” from event-organizing, her vision for the future, and her many contributions to the Edmonton community.

(Editor’s Note- Edmonton Beltaine Faire, not Beltane. My sincere apologies to the organizers of this event. Unfortunately, the video had already been optimized, converted to HD and uploaded before I caught my error.- Lain)

International Pagan Coming Out Day- May 2nd, 2011

The very public, open-ness of events like Edmonton’s Beltaine Faire, and Edmonton’s Pagan Pride Day are a rich part of Edmonton’s Pagan Community. And the timing couldn’t  be better.

May 2nd marks the first annual Pagan Coming Out Day across the globe. In an interview, organizer Cara Schultz, of the Pagan Newswire Collective’s Minnesota Bureau  discusses the importance of public awareness for the greater Pagan Community. Public Rituals, Celebrations and Events help to show the world that we are ;

“…just another minority religion, and nothing to be afraid of.”

-Edmonton’s Ali Ravenwood


One thought on “Edmonton’s Beltaine Faire 2011

  1. […] within Alberta’s prison system, serving on the board of Panfest, founding and organizing the Edmonton Beltaine Faire, to name only a few. Priestess, mother, advocate and friend, Ali’s hard work and dedication […]

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