February 24, 2012 by Lain


Northern Tribes has 2 tickets to the MARCH MADNESS DINNER & DANCE, and we want YOU to      win them! Not only is this a FREE meal, dance, and fun, but your tickets will be entered into a draw to win free tickets to this year’s SUNWHEEL PAGAN ARTS FESTIVAL, featuring the magical, mythpunk music of S.J. Tucker,  Mojo– of THE WIGGLIAN WAY,  Alberta’s own Raven’s Call, …and, meet Sparrow & Mojo, of THE WIGGLIAN WAY PODCASTand more!!

“How do I win?”- Easy. Simply tell us why you’d love to go to the 2012 Sunwheel Festival in the comments section of this post, here at Northern Tribes, and one lucky winner will be randomly picked to receive 2 tickets to the March Madness Dinner & Dance.

But hurry!! Draw to take place Sunday, Feb. 26th. Winner to be announced here at Northern Tribes Sunday night.

Don’t miss out! Enter in the Comments below now!!

Tickets for the March Madness Dinner & Dance are available at Where Faeries Live– 10991 124 street, Edmonton. (780) 454-0187

and at  Quantum Comics & Collectibles– 6416 28th ave, Edmonton.



9 thoughts on “☞ WIN TICKETS to the MARCH MADNESS DINNER and DANCE!

  1. Although I have been involved in the pagan community in Edmonton for over 10 years, I’ve never been to any of the festivals. Every year there’s always been some reason why I couldn’t go, be it family commitments or wallet limitations. There’s also the fact that I’m shy and apprehensive about new experiences. But everyone keeps telling me I should go, and I’ve heard about how much fun and insight people can gain from their experiences at these events! If the universe actually gives me tickets, I’ll be forced to go, and who knows, I might actually make new friends and learn something about myself and the world!

  2. Imran/Winters says:

    I love the Edmonton pagan community. It’s great to spend time with people who are so warm, friendly and earthy. I’d love to go and spend time with my friends in the community and to create new ones.

  3. Artena Douglas...aka...Sage of the Dragon says:

    I would love to come to the Festival because the Pagan community supported me when my husband passed and I have not seen any of them since 2007. Also my son and his wife are playing at the Festival and by winning the tickets it is the only way I could possibly come. I am also looking for people to share gas and travel from the Island. I miss you all so much and really want to see you all Moon, Hawk, every one!!!

  4. I am new to this community, and so really don’t know a soul. The March Madness event would be a great way to meet everyone, enjoy some good food & music before attending the Sun Wheel Festival. The festival sounds like so much fun. I love drumming and so I am looking forward to the group sessions. The other workshops sound so intriguing too. It’s snowing as I am sitting here writing and dreaming of spring….come on solstice!

  5. […] Here is Maureen’s reply posted in response to the contest, here at Northern Tribes; Maureen MacKenzie said, on February 24, 2012 at 9:24 pm(Edit) […]

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