Edmonton Pagan Pride Day- 2012


September 3, 2012 by Lain

pagan pride dayEdmonton Pagan Pride Day

Date: September 8, 2012 starting at 10am
Location: 8331 104 Street. Mcintyre Park, also known as Gazebo Park, is one block north of Whyte Ave, beside the Old Strathcona Farmers Market.,

Contact– Ed at edmonton.pagan.pride@gmail.com or call
(780)454-0187 Where Faeries Live and ask for Ed 

As the harvest season begins, communities across North America, and around the world start celebrating Pagan Pride.

Typically held around the Autumnal Equinox, Edmonton’s celebration is to feature an Autumn ritual, an information booth on the different paths and organizations available in Edmonton, children’s activities, drumming and storytelling featuring Kriket Shaman, artisans and vendors, and a “share the harvest” food drive.

Guided largely by the principles of the international initiative of the Pagan Pride Project, many communities hold the festivities in a public place, to provide a positive public image of Paganism, what we believe, who we are, and help to dispel the negative beliefs held by some members of the larger community about minority religions.

This is a free event, and all are welcome!

Here is the schedule of events for the day;

Daily events

9am – 10 pm
general set up

opening drumming ceremony

11am Information sessions start:

11am – 12 am
General paganism
Spiral Scouts
belly dancing- 3 eyes tribal

12 pm – 1 pm
Reyna’s belly dancing workshop

1pm – 2pm
Ceremonial Magik
Belly Dancers Circle of Hell pending

2pm – 3pm
Dianic Wicca
RoseJean’s Baby Blessing

3pm – 4 pm
Edmonton Pagan Choir
belly dancing Nomadic Tapestry

4pm – 5 pm
Autumn Ritual Spirit Lantern Learning Circle

5 pm – 6 pm
drumming and story telling by Kriket

6pm 7 pm
tear down

Please feel free to stop by, there will surely be something for everyone!


2 thoughts on “Edmonton Pagan Pride Day- 2012

  1. […] bring your camera or video recorder to Edmonton Pagan Pride Day this Saturday! Take loads of shots, and send them to us at […]

  2. tridevidiva says:

    TriDevi Tribal has a great time performing at Pagan Pride Day! Thank you for asking us to perform and being such gracious hosts. 🙂
    You can find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TriDeviTribal or email us at tridevi.tribal@gmail.com.

    Thanks aain!

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